Версии сабли из Салтовского могильника. Реконструкция

Автор реконструкции, мастер Дима Храмцов

Реконструкция сабли из ст. Баракаевская IX-X вв. Ковка, кузнечная сварка, пайка, выколотка, гравировка. На рукояти кожа ската.

The blade of the sabre from Barakajevskaya station, Krasnodar Territory. 9-10 century. Weight 515 gr.
The scheme of the package assemblage (in the cut) was taken from the sabres in Saltovskaya culture.
The main package (the head) — it is refined steel which was founded on the charcoal.
Original steel with 0.2 – 0.3 temper was taken as a base. After slacking the steel away there appeared unexpected carbon homogeneity.
Perhaps because of charcoal. The wedge of the sabre is the blade from homogeneous steel with 0.8 temper.
In general I tried to re-create the technology of producing sabres as it was in that period.
After tempering it has little residual deformation because the percentage of soft steel is higher than the percentage of tough steel.
People think about it differently earlier: let it be bent but not broken during the battle.
And that’s why they used soft steel or iron while producing: for viscosity.

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