Senmurv kaftan for Nizhny Arkhyz. Реконструкция аланского костюма.


Реконструкция аланского костюма.Экспозиция в музее с. Нижний Архыз, Карачаево-Черкессия (Северный Кавказ)

Nizhny Arkhyz is a small town in the Northern-Caucasus, Republic of Karachay–Cherkessia, Russian Federation. The museum of the town, holds really important and well preserved artefacts, connected to the famous people of the Medieval Alans. Such as a wonderfully preserved arrow quiver, what helped a lot to reconstructors and historicans properly recreating this object.

Silver decorated sable from Nizhny Arkhyz

Sabre with raja fish skin and silver fittings from Nizhny Arkhyz

Preserved quiver and arrows from 
Nizhny Arkhyz

Preserved quiver and arrows from 
Nizhny Arkhyz

Most likely that the center of Early Medieval Alania is situated somewere in the region of Nizhny Arkhyz. This small village with great heritage preserves these artefacts for us.

Workers of the museum had dreams. They dreamt of showing this heritage in a more complex way, to the visitors of the museum, by recreating the pieces of the famous Caucasian attires, such as the senmurv “chief” kaftan. To achive their goal the sewing workshop of SEW OR DIE and the Kazár Bazár supported them. We redraw the senmurv pattern to match as closely as possible to the original one, and tried to reconstruct the original colors of the nowaday strongly faded material. Thus we created the Blue Senmurv Silk. We gave the silk to them as a present, and textil restaurator Sophia Shashunova did the sewing part. The result of the project you can see in these pictures, what was taken in the Museum of Nizhny Arkhyz, where these mannequins in costumes are standing from 2018.

Источник: Kazar Bazar

Author: alanica

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